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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 22, 2011 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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description. especially when you've never met those people and you think of them as kind of a bigger deal than you. it's flattering. it's also hilarious. so rick santorum, knock yourself out. it worked out great for bob ney. so rick santorum, knock yourself out. it worked out great for bob ney. "first look" is up next. mercury rising. the deadly heat wave that's been gripping the nation's midsection heads east. lockout unlocked? the nfl owners agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. now it's up to the players. and order in the court. a judge dealing with an unruly defendant takes matters into his own hands. good morning, everyone, i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc.
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we begin this morning with boiling over. from the midwest to the east coast, folks have fans and air conditioners cranked on high amid triple digit temperatures. and for the immediate future, this so-called heat dome is not going anywhere. nbc's chris clackum reports. >> reporter: excessive heat warnings extend east to new york where there's concern the heat wave could become more dangerous. >> my aunt is 92 years old, and she had a little bit of a heart problem and her air conditioner broke yesterday. so she needs one no matter what the cost, no matter what. >> reporter: air conditioners and cooling centers are at a premium everywhere with temperatures expected to reach 100 degrees and higher. in ohio, triple-digit heat is suspected in the death of a man in a house near columbus, where the air-conditioning wasn't working. that was one of some two dozen deaths blamed on a heat mass that creeps slowly across the
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country and at last count set 221 new record-high temperatures. in washington, the vacation crowd is getting a lesson in why it's not just the heat but the humidity. >> humid, hot, muddy, nasty. >> it's soup. yeah. >> reporter: in manassas, virginia, civil war buffs re-enacting a battle of 150 years ago insist on boiling in authentic uniforms. >> first manassas battle was 100-and something and 50 years ago it was 100-something and it's 100 again so we're going to make our way through it. >> reporter: the heat takes a toll on livestock, at least 1200 cows have died in minnesota, 1600 in south dakota. zoo animals on the other hand have places to escape the hottest heat wave some states have seen in two decades. chris clackum, nbc news. and another painful day
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today. well, with less than two weeks before the treasury department's debt ceiling deadline, there is still no deal. but word out of washington points to some headway being made on a so-called grand bargain. nbc's brian mooar has the details for us in washington. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. before we can get to that grand bargain, there has to be some horse trading here on capitol hill today. the senate is going to vote on something called cut, cap and balance, which is a constitutional balance budget amendment. it is not expected to pass, but it is an important hurdle to get republicans, especially tea party house republicans, on board with any other compromise. president obama has been working behind the scenes with house speaker john boehner, each trying to bring the outer edges of his party trying a little closer to the center to try to get some compromise. especially the kind that's being worked on by the so-called gang of six bipartisan senators, but
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the white house says that this is d-day, that a deal essentially has to be in place today in order for congress to get a vote by august 2nd. lynn? >> brian, thanks so much. and last night on "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell, lawrence asked howard dean about the challenge house speaker john boehner is facing on this debt deal, considering the amount of friction that exists within his own party. >> he has to do something really unusual. i've seen it done before, but it's unusual, and that is he has to pass a bill with republican and democratic votes. he needs to be talking with pelosi right now about how they can get this together and pass something that's fairly moderate and just throw the tea party people over the side. some of them are so extreme they're not going to get re-elected anyway. he's in a really tough spot. he's an adult, mcconnell's an adult. there are not too many of those in the house caucus that, or at least not enough of them, to pass a reasonable bill. look, this is lunacy what these
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folks are doing. they basically are destroying the social safety net of the country and ultimately they're going to destroy the country should they ever get in charge. i think the american public's got to be terrified of what they see that's been unleashed in the 2010 elections. these are truly ideologically committed people where facts never get in the way of their story, and you can't run a democracy or anything else if you don't care what the facts are. and they genuinely do not care what the facts are, they make them up as they go along. watch lawrence o'donnell each night at 8:00 p.m. on msnbc. a judge in georgia had enough of one defendant's disruptions, the man yelled and shouted in court repeatedly until the judge had him bound and gagged. he continued his muffled rant, but the jury had the last word, convicting the man of aggravated assault on a police officer.
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his sentencing is scheduled for today. a life-saving surgery in washington has given one tortoise a new way to get around. the animal's leg was removed after it was severely burned on a heating lamp. and to give it the best chance of survival, doctors attached a wheel implant to help with mobility. the tortoise will be monitored over the next two years and will aid doctors as a teaching tool. and finally, we knew this was coming, right? we predicted it yesterday. in illinois, a local television station employed an old trick to show just how hot it was in their area. one walkway was turned into a sidewalk grill. the eggs didn't quite cook all the way but did give the sizzling example of just how dangerous the sun can be. and you also should never eat raw eggs. and now for a look at your national weather, we turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. >> one, creative, and it didn't work. >> it didn't get as cooked.
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i don't know if you want to eat it with the sidewalk junk. >> no. this is an impressive morning. i mean, it's impressive in an historical fact that as you head outside today you probably won't see many mornings like this. the temperatures at this hour shouldn't be this warm. i mean, it is 85 degrees in new york city. when you head out the door right now. we just don't have morning lows like this. i can't remember seeing a map that had 86 still in st. louis. and it's widespread. it's still 87 in dallas. there's not many areas that have any resemblance of cooling down last night. in boston, temperatures are still at 82, raleigh, 80. if you're starting off in the low 80s before the sun is even up, as we go throughout the day, you know you have a really good shot of getting into the 100s. it's not just the heat, it's the humidity. i think the humidity is worse than the heat, because these dew points, this area of dark green is where there's high humidity. it's pretty much covering everywhere east of kansas city and east of dallas. the higher the number, the more moisture that is in the air. and when we're at 76 in new
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york, i think -- is new york the highest on the board now? it was washington, d.c., but right now the most humid spot in the whole country is right in new york city and that's why those areas, like d.c. and new york have the highest heat index today. it still feels like 94 in central park as you walk outside to start your morning. 88 in boston. it feels like 93 in d.c. without the sun, and that's only equalled by st. louis there and equalled there in the dallas area. today we have the heat warnings in place, that's well advertised all the way from coastal maine down to iryas of coastal north carolina. and back through the midwest. areas that are getting a break today, from detroit northwards up there michigan, you've cooled off. your humidity levels are a little lower. all of upstate new york and vermont and new hampshire, your humidity levels have dropped too along with our friends from the wisconsin and minnesota area. as far as temperatures go, this is just temperature. one thing people don't realize is the temperature's taken in the shade. if you're in the sun it's much
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hotter than this. in the shade, 100 from boston, hartford, new york city, baltimore, philly, right down through the nation's capital and then into the raleigh area. 100-degree heat continuing from st. louis to kansas city. now let's factor in the humidity and this is how it will feel in the shade on your skin as you're outside. it could be up to 116 today in d.c. this is hotter than yesterday. 111 in new york city, 103. look at all the 100s on this map. it's pretty much widespread, lynn. just about everyone is in the soup. this is the peak of the heat wave in many areas. i'll bring you the weekend forecast. >> 116 in washington, d.c. no tourist trips today, i don't think. all right. thanks, bill. a big euro debt deal. a new owner for chrysler and a royal dash duty free, your look at business headlines is straight ahead. coming up, washington fans actually happy jason worth is struggling and nfl owners are
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. here's some of the top stories making news this morning. senior defense officials tell nbc news today the pentagon will announce that both secretary of defense leon panetta and all of the joint chiefs have certified the military is ready to repeal don't ask don't tell. president obama signed the repeal of the military's ban on openly gay troops in december. since then, the military has been preparing personnel for lifting the ban. a new cnn poll shows 64% of americans think the u.s. should play a dominant role in space exploration. half of all americans think the end of the shuttle program is bad for the united states. papers filed this week show former california governor arnold schwarzenegger does not want to pay maria shriver
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spousal support. they're expected to reach a confidential out of court settlement following revelations he had relations with a household staffer. and chile is digging out from more than 7 feet of snow. what in the world is happening? it is so bad that a catastrophe has been declared in several areas. well, here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,724 after climbing 152 points yesterday. the s&p went up 17 points. the nasdaq grew 20. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei rose 121 points while in hong kong the hang seng spiked 457. well, hope that some longstanding issues were finally being addressed sent stocks surging. rumors a deficit deal in washington was imminent. also thursday, eurozone leaders
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hashed out a new massive bailout for greece with banks and other private contributors. they radically reformed the rescue fund to help countries before a crisis flares. oil surged above $100 a barrel. the euro rose against the dollar, and u.s. government bonds fell. also overnight, asian markets were higher on news of the euro deal. unexpected bang upearnings from morgan stanley sent shares spiking 11%. union pacific jumped almost 5% on higher profits. alexion spiked, but intel dropped. also due to soft pc sales, after the bell microsoft fell. in deal news, express scripts is buying med co-health, combining the nation's largest pharmacy benefit managers. six years earlier than
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expected, the government has sold its entire investment in chrysler to italy's fiat, now the majority shareholder. and finally, prince william and wife kathrcat catherine fle commercial home. to compensate, british airways offered each $300 vouchers if are duty free shopping. a lot of cases of rum. suitcases. well, the rays caught the yanks, and can it be ten years of peace between the owners and the players in the nfl? plus the padres come up big with the leather, holding back the marlins. your first look at sports is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. in sports, at times it looked bleak and it's not a done deal yet, but it looks like there may be football this year after all. here's fred roggin. >> good morning. i know you're ready for some football. it appears the nfl owners are ready. they approved a collective bargaining agreement yesterday. now it's up to the players. they have until tuesday to vote on a new cba. the players have made it clear they'll take as much time as they need to vote on the owners collective bargaining agreement. one thing we know for sure, the
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nfl has canceled the game august 7th between the bears and rams, but it appears the regular season will begin as scheduled on september 8th. evan longoria had a home run. just three total runs in that game while the braves put up four in one inning against the rockies. a home run to left, the braves one a shootout 9-6. marlins and padres, logan morrison hit one high and deep but not high or deep enough, logan couldn't believe it. an inning later, it's gaby sanchez. this time a line drive to center and there was another great catch. scary moment in the seventh. omar infante hit a homer and a crash into the wall and was out cold. taken off the field for precautionary reasons but he was okay. padres won it 5-3.
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and jayson worth has been so bad that a d.c. area bar is offering beer for the price of his batting average. his hitting .217 so a tall cold one will cost you $2.17. he hasn't been paying up to his worth on the field but it's paying off at the pub. have a great weekend. i'm fred roggin. and now for another quick look at the weather, here's bill karins with the weather channel forecast. bill, you're dreaming of that tall cold one. it's only 5:00-something in the morning here in the east. >> that sounds fantastic. it's just so hot. if you're just joining us, one of those rare mornings where new york city is actually the hottest location i found everywhere in the big cities east of the rockies. it's warmer than san antonio, anywhere in florida. the closest to new york city is washington, d.c.
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new york city has a heat index of 94 to start your morning. that's just, you know, gross, i guess, if you want to call it that. d.c. at 93. so let's get down to it. today's forecast well advertised, record heat possible. d.c. could be as high as 103 today. that includes all the cities in between, the 100-degree heat will spread through the raleigh area, too. st. louis should be near 100 today. we do get a break with thunderstorms in chicago, so good for them. detroit won't be quite as hot as yesterday, either, but still brutal in dallas where today will be the 21st day in a row of 100-degree heat. that, by the way, is the fifth all-time streak. sunday is the day it gets better for a lot of people from the midwest right to the midatlantic. so just got to make it until sunday. bill, thanks so much. just another day in the celebrity tsunami life of lindsay lohan. plus, captain america's mission was to fight the nazis but he has an even tougher mission this weekend at the box office.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. last night jimmy fallon discussed some recommended precautions during this heat wave. >> man, oh, man, this heat wave is brutal, huh? yeah, it's rough. in fact, the national weather service is now urging people to avoid all strenuous activity. or as they told the kardashians, keep doing what you're doing.
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weather experts say 1 million square miles of the u.s. are under a heat dome. but don't worry, we have plenty of shade under our $14 trillion debt ceiling, so makes it pretty nice. check this out, in a recent interview, 85-year-old hugh hefner said he dodged the bullet by not marrying crystal harris. he said he dodged another bullet by giving abe lincoln his theater seats. tonight jimmy welcomes kevin connolly, actress brit marling. that's week nights at 11:35 on your local nbc station. at the box office this weekend, if there's anyone who can take down harry potter, perhaps it could be captain america. captain america reportedly cost $150 million to make.
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its studio also plans on long-run franchise films. to beat harry potter it needs to earn at least $50 million. also opening, seeking the nonpotter audience, another of the recent run of r-rated comedies, "friends with benefits," they've been selling it hard and could take in over $20 million. plus lindsay lohan was sued for assault and battery yesterday by the betty ford worker she had a run-in with last december. but her probation judge warned her to do more community service and enroll in counseling or else. and this judge was no nonsense, saying, quote, i don't want to hear, oh, i couldn't do it because i was on the set of a john gotti movie. snap. it's been a while since we've had some lindsay lohan news for you so i was very relieved. >> i'm following it closely. she has until april to get in all her hours of community service.
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she's a little behind pace, but she'll make it up. >> did you finally hop on the twitter and call her on twitter? did you get with the 21st century? >> what's twitter? >> i'm lynn berry, this is "first look" on msnbc. but "way too early" is next. anger on the left over the debt deal. now democrats are taking issue with president obama's closed door meeting with speaker john boehner as reports safe the deal now being discussed could reach $3 trillion in savings. the question is will obama and boehner be able to drive their parties kicking and screaming and finally get something done. delay of game, the nfl lockout now in the hands of the players after the owners agree to this proposed new deal. the question is, does anybody need four seats to the hall of fame game next month? it's apparently no longer happening. and now triple digit temperatures, this is getting to the point of, well, we can't take it much longer. my question is, if the ac goes out of my place, the


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